What Young Writers Need Most: Poe-tree (a poem)

by Sarah Ang, Age 15, Singapore

Artwork by Lucy Zhang

With her vivid, deep imagery, Sarah won the weekly challenge for September 19th. The challenge was to write a poem of no more than 12 lines on the theme of “what young writers need most.” Her prize was an LTC Insider+ Membership.




Think of us as saplings, green with fresh hopes and dreams,
We lie in the wet, damp earth of unfinished stories and
Half-hearted attempts at poetry, born in a flash of midnight inspiration but
Abandoned once the familiar caterpillars of insecurity attack––they whisper that our writing is not good enough, that it will never be good enough––and we can only
Watch, helpless as they gnaw our leaves and tear us apart piece by piece.

What we need is a guiding hand to patch our leaves and chase away the worms of self-doubt, the rain of encouragement and constructive criticism, the sunshine of a belief that we can succeed if we try––and write––hard enough

Only with this can we grow to become the tall, leafy giants that form the backbone of this forest that is our world;
It is a long way to the top, but I believe we can get there.


Find our more about our weekly writing challenges here.


One comment on “What Young Writers Need Most: Poe-tree (a poem)

  1. This is amazing. I say this as a fellow writer who entered the same Giveaway: You deserved to win. Congratulations. :)

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