Submissions Wanted: Young Voices Magazine

by Tegwyn Hughes, Canada Blogger for jaBlog!


“Hopefully Young Voices will inspire youth to get down and start drawing or writing, expressing their creativity in the best way possible. It is definitely what it did for me.”

Young Voices 2015 - jaBlog!Anupya Pamidimukkala is a member of the editorial team for Young Voices, a magazine of work made by young artists in Toronto. This magazine has been running since 1965, a whopping forty-nine years, and is constantly evolving. In 2006, an Editorial Youth Advisory Group was created, giving youth, and only youth, the chance to edit their peer’s work for Young Voices.

I had a chance to interview Anupya and was able to ask about this amazing magazine.

What is Young Voices Magazine?

It is a magazine published by and for teens through the Toronto Public Library system. It is a compilation of the best art works, prose, poetry, and rants from youth across Toronto starting from 12 years old, going all the way up to 19 years old.

What kind of submissions are you looking for?

The main criteria is submitting original art, prose, poetry and rants. We really appreciate pieces relatable with teens that are funny or mind-blowing or, simply put, entertaining.

Why was the decision made to choose young artists and writers for an editorial board?

Since the submissions are from young writers or artists, it is only fair that they are judged by the youth and not by adults. I feel that criticism is less harsh and more effective when people of the same age are critiquing the piece. It feels more real.

The magazine itself is published every October, and the next publication is going to be in October of 2015. Submissions are open from now until April 7th, 2015, which gives any jaBlog! readers living in Toronto plenty of time to create an amazing entry.

Over the past decade, Young Voices has seen between ten and twenty thousand copies of the magazine circulating. Entries are usually in the range of six hundred, and about eighty-five of these entries are published in the magazine. That makes your chances of publication one in seven, which means a passionate artist has an amazing probability of being accepted.

The Young Voices team also hosts workshops, some at libraries, and others at outreach centres throughout Toronto. Many of these workshops aim to provide resources and opportunities for youth artists looking to get published. In 2013, there were over a handful of workshops presented by the Editorial Youth Advisory Group and the Toronto Public Library on this topic.

Any Toronto-dwelling jaBlog! readers who are interested in drawing or writing are definitely encouraged to check out this amazing publication!



2 comments on “Submissions Wanted: Young Voices Magazine

  1. Igboanugo Stanley

    only for those in Toronto?

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Igboanugo. You will have to read their rules and submission guidelines to confirm, but I believe this opportunity is limited to that area.

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