You Might Become the Greatest Writer

by Aparna Roa, Age 13, USA


Could you become the greatest writer ever known?

The art of writing is of vital importance to me. I believe that writing is a way to express and share our ideas with other people. It provides a way for me to organize my thoughts and ideas  into a series of words. By doing so, I can easily share my thoughts with the world.

Writing is a crucial part of our everyday lives. We see it everywhere that we go! Without the gift of literature, the world would be incomplete.

I am aware of the fact that writing takes time and practice. Only with practice, you can make your way to getting your work noticed by other people. In order to improve my writing, I read other books, expand my vocabulary, and study grammar. I can apply these skills to my writing to make it more appealing to myself as well as to other people. By perfecting these skills, I can improve on becoming a better author.

One lesson I have learned is that writing requires plenty of patience. Creativity never does come immediately. While writing, I try to stay calm and clear my mind of all emotions except all the knowledge I have about writing.  The key to being successful is to never become impatient and to take things easily. In order to achieve that, everyone has to work on shaping their skills and honing them to perfection.

A tip that I have for writers such as myself is to never give up. I have always believed that hard work never does go to waste. I believe it is important to always reach for the stars.  Who knows? Maybe one day, people will look up to you as the greatest writer ever known.


Aparna Rao is a 13 year old writer from the United States. Aparna says, “Throughout the years that I have been writing, I set many goals for myself. One of them is to become a published author. It has always been my dream to get a book published and to see my name in print.” 


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