You Are Only a Writer When You Write

by Iniobong Eyo, Age 21, Nigeria


Many people want to be writers, professional writers. They read all the books and resources available on how to become a successful writer. Sadly though, the vast majority never become writers in the real sense of the word. What holds them back? Simply put, it is failure to take action on what they read or learn. They don’t write.

I almost always wrote outstanding essays in school, I wrote countless speeches for others and undertook dozens of writing tasks, all just for the fun of it. One day, I saw an article that talked about making a living from writing. I was intrigued, and the burning desire to pursue my beloved hobby for pay was born.

What did I do about it? I spent well over a year reading about how to become a successful freelancer. I read about freelance writers living well, the most expensive writing jobs one could get, and so on. In fact, I can confidently say I know more than most newbies in the profession. But I had a problem, the same problem that holds back so many people: I didn’t apply anything I read. I didn’t write.

Taking action is not confined to just one thing. It could be entering an essay contest, pitching potential clients, writing and sending out letters of introduction (letters you use to introduce yourself to potential clients as a writer), or creating a blog. Every professional writer started somewhere, and so every writer-to-be must start somewhere, somehow.

Even after taking all the writing courses under heaven, reading writing books and blogs, we are not writers until we actually start writing. We are not writers until we start putting what we learn about writing to good use. Achieving one’s goal of being a writer means being willing to take action. Start somewhere, apply what you learn.

Now’s the time to write!


Iniobong Eyo is a 21 year old aspiring writer from Nigeria. Iniobong says, “I have dreams of making a living from writing online, thereby working exclusively from home or anywhere convenient to me.”


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