Writing Is Playing With Words

by Mahmoud El Hakim, Age 14, Egypt


Most people say that writing is a type of communication. Others say writing is freedom of the soul. Some say writing is a key to the imagination. None of them are wrong. Yet, none show the true beauty of writing.

Writers are magicians and weavers, architects and engineers, artists and actors. They weave and structure a magical piece of art, that silky smooth, beautiful fabric that is their writing. They make sure there aren’t any hole or knots. As you touch the fabric, you become the writer, you get his message, you think his thoughts, and writer and reader become one. You can feel his heart drop, and his soul throbbing, through his words. You can feel the writer’s love and passion.

Writers make you scream, smile, panic, and laugh. They use the best words, the most powerful ones to catch you. The words are so powerful that they pull you into their minds. They pull you through plains and seas, cities and towns, jungles and forests.

Writing isn’t just words on a paper, it is emotions on paper, spells on paper, doors on paper. A writer doesn’t just etch words onto paper, he builds them, draws them. Writing is a game, and the writer plays it. Writing is playing with words.


Mahmoud El Hakim is a 14 year old writer from Egypt. Mahmoud says, “I’ve been pursuing the goal of writing for about 3 years now. My biggest current goal is to successfully finish a novel, with the perfect idea.” You can read Mahmoud’s blog.



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