Writing Is My Cup of Tea

by Vinay Kumar, Age 19, India


I just stopped by and felt really great to find people with the same interest. By the way, I’m Vinay Kumar, a 19 year old lad from India. I’ve been studying English Literature for the last couple of years. Actually, I was a science student, but after realizing that math, physics, and chemistry are not my cup of tea, I chose literature. I used to read short stories from my elder brother’s book, and that’s why I find this genre interesting.

Life has always been hard for me. When I was about 13, I had an accident (I burnt myself). After that I kind of moved away from all social activities. I started a diary; it was my best friend, and that’s why I don’t look at life through the colourful glasses of joy and romanticism. Then, after studying writers like Shakespeare, William Congreve, Thomas Hardy, George Bernard Shaw, and, my favourite, Jane Austen, I have my own thoughts too. So I started my blog.

I always look forward to brushing up on my writing skills. Generally, I like to write on my country’s current affairs in Hindi, yet I set aside time to write English stuff too.

Writing is a way to illustrate your pain, sorrow, love, and anger. I still feel uncomfortable in society; so writing is one of the ways I express myself. Writing is my cup of tea.


Vinay Kumar is a 19 year old blogger from India. Vinay says, “I’m a newbie in the world of literature. The aim of my life is to be a person who is happy. My only success that I’ve gained is that I was a nerd and made my parents proud. But people used to criticize me for being that. So I changed myself and became a little devious. Since then, I’m not on good terms with society. Read Vinay’s blog.


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