Writing Is My Escape

by Alyce McCuker, Age 15, England


Writing as an EscapeBoundaries. Restrictions. Rules.

Reality is a plethora of things we cannot, must not, and will not do, and this is often why every individual has an escape. However small, or however uninteresting it may seem to the world around us, we are all entitled to a tool of our own to relieve the stress every day life tends to burden us with. This can be a person, a hobby, a job, a passion. The possibilities are infinite…

For me? Writing is my escape.

I’ve been asked so many times how I can go to school every day, forced to scribble fact after fact in an exercise book only to come home and fill pages with more words. But that’s just the thing, writing isn’t just a combination of 26 letters to form something predetermined by someone else. Your writing is just that; yours. It’s personal.

Like a finger print, everyone’s writing and style is different. The life you’ve had and the experiences, hardships and relationships affect the way you write certain characters, what genre you write, and how hard certain parts of your characters lives have been. One way or another, you will be reflected in different aspects of your writing. It’s like a looking glass that you can step into, a Wonderland and Neverland where all your fears and doubts can be relieved, erased and rewritten whenever you please.

It’s like therapy. If you’re troubled, those around you can support you as much as possible, but ultimately it’s going to be you fixing the problem. For me, whenever I’m in a time of uncertainty, I write a short story of someone in my situation and concoct alternate endings to their story, but in all of them, the problem is resolved and this shows me that maybe my troubles will be too.

I often dream of scenarios that could only happen in my mind, but if I write them down, they become real in a universe far more vibrant than ours. I become engulfed by the possibilities, by the opportunities. And suddenly, all of those rules that were holding me back, are shattered. I’m no longer a schoolgirl hunched over a tattered notebook, I’m a warrior fighting off the enemy, I’m superhuman, soaring through the sky, I’m standing on the precipice of a life altering opportunity.

Writing is the ultimate escape.

Writing is my escape.


Alyce McCuker is a 15 year old writer from England. Alyce says, “For me, writing is the only thing that keeps me sane. Some people have yoga, I have creative writing. It’s helped me through everything from bullying to anxiety to depression. It’s the ultimate cure all and escape.”


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