Writing Completes Me

by Sapphira Winter, Age 15, Philippines


When I was younger, I often felt left out. I was an outsider to everyone and the friends I had would rather spend time with others. However, when they did leave me behind, I just would take out my notepad and a pen and write away everything I felt.

Writing became something that always called out to me. Something that has always made me feel safe and like I belong. It became my best friend. Anytime I could, all I did was wrap myself in words and start floating away to new realms.

That indescribable feeling of creating new people and places was something that I felt inside me, burning with enthusiasm. Like how a dog would spend eternity waiting for adoption and how when the day of adoption comes the contentment is overwhelming. I found out that I am meant to be a writer and was born with this gift of threading words together in order to create new worlds or new people.

It never bothered me to be alone anymore and my life became smooth because I felt complete. Everyone has to have that one thing they feel at home with, some passion in life, that piece of serenity no one can take away from you. It’s inseparable.

And so, after letting all of you read what I have been through, let me tell you that with this inseparable passion of mine, I discovered all you need is yourself in writing. When you feel this same, overwhelming and indescribable feeling, don’t be scared. Writing is your passion. It shouldn’t terrorize. Writing is the thing that makes you feel whole, and that’s okay.


Sapphira Winter is a 15 year old emerging writer from the Philippines. She says, “Writing has been a never-judging best friend. I hope that I will make it as a published writer.”


One comment on “Writing Completes Me

  1. jow

    I wish you continued liberation and rejoice in your new found freedom. I wish i can see more of your world and beautiful creation that would astound not only imagination but free the creative spirit in everyone of us. good luck :”)

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