Writer’s Block

by Journey Meyerhoff, Age 12, Canada


Writers block.  It’s that annoying little stopper on your imagination. You feel like a dry riverbed and no ideas come. Maybe you are writing a novel and your character is falling off a cliff and you don’t know whether to let the dragon swoop in and save him, or let him fall to his demise. Maybe you are writing a poem, and you can’t find a rhyme for the word amazing.

Writer’s block can bring you down, but not if you know how to stop it.

The secret to combating writer’s block is… (Drum roll) JUST WRITE!

You are probably reading this, thinking you are crazy, or, not this again. But that is the secret. Write about anything; you can pick a topic, say puppies. Write what you like about them. Write about what they do and how they feel. It doesn’t matter if you go a little off topic, or even a lot. Don’t let your inner critic get you. Don’t filter your imagination, stopping the so-called “bad” ideas from coming out. Write about writers block. Write about the horrible tasting sushi you had yesterday. Ask yourself questions like, where did it happen, why did you do it, and what did it feel like? You can revise later. All that matters is right now.

Who knows, if you try, you could become the next big hit?  No limits. No rules. Just write.


Journey Meyerhoff is a 12 year old Canadian writer. She says, “As well as writing I enjoy falconry, the training of birds of prey. I am planning on being a falconer and fiction writer.” Read Journey’s blog.


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