Write Just for Fun

by Annie Wu, Age 15, Canada


When is the last time you wrote for the sake of writing? When is the last time you wrote just for fun?

Every Sunday morning, my mom would sit me down at the kitchen table and tell me to write.  Obediently, I would pick up the pencil and stare at the blank, yellow page. With lunch sizzling behind me and its smell quickly wafting in front of me, I would stare for what seemed like an eternity–but was more like ten minutes–before I began to squirm. “What should I write about?” I whined. My mom would patiently respond, “Anything.” After racking my little brain, I would come up with a prompt like an autobiography titled “All About Me” or a story about a magical dinosaur.

As writers, we often blunder in the same manner I did as a child. We get so caught up in conveying a message, developing a plot or building a character, that we forget the reason we love and pursue writing in the first place. On a random, trivial day, take the time to write for the sake of writing. Write just for fun.

Start off with a sentence and let your ideas and experiences carry you. It does not matter if you are writing about the school you moved to, the pretty butterfly you saw on the way home or your political inclinations for the next election. Just write about your own heart-filled sentiments.

Now, of course, this is not appropriate for every situation. When we are writing a project, like a novel we hope to publish, having a unified idea is necessary. For example, an essay requires a thesis, five paragraphs, an introduction, and a conclusion. When you write without such a purpose, you are only bound by the limits of your imagination; limitless. It is a time when you can truly go into the most intimate places of your thoughts and find your inner passions, styles and ideas. It is when you can be truly creative.

So do not sit down and write with a topic in mind. Just start and let the words carry you. Write for the sake of writing and you will be amazed at what your unplanned finger spasms can create. Write just for fun.


Annie Wu is a 15 year old Canadian writer. Annie says, “I always loved to write. The idea that simple words on a page could transform into beautiful pictures, intricate characters and magical places fascinated me. In the future, I hope to get my novel published.”

Wow! It’s an honor to have my work published on your website! Thank you! :) – Annie


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