Write a Plot You Care About

by Tiffany Konechny, Age 18, Canada


sleepy plotWhen I first started to actually try to write stories or poems, I would sit in front of my computer and start off with a sentence I thought was going to go places, believe me. Unfortunately, the farthest it got was the recycle bin. I felt defeated. If someone else could write a plot about a teenage girl falling in love with a vampire, and yes I tried, or a world of powers unknown to mankind, why couldn’t I?

That’s when I had a life-changing epiphany. Well, maybe not all that life-changing, but you get the point. It wasn’t that my ideas were horrible or that I was left contemplating what to write next, it was that I had no spark. I realized that my plots were something that I actually didn’t care about, that I was writing for what I thought people would like or were into, that I wasn’t writing for me, or what I cared about.

Learning this is absolutely crucial for writing. I mean, do you want to read a story about something the writer isn’t even passionate about? I know I don’t. So here are a few tips that will help you write a plot you care about, one that won’t end up in the recycle bin.


#1 - Your main idea should center around something you care about. Whether you believe money doesn’t buy happiness, or that bullying should not be tolerated anywhere, or that stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to much greater things. Whatever it is, choose it, and build upon it. You’ll see that it is much easier to write when you believe in what you’re writing.

#2 - Don’t write something similar to a current bestseller or hit movie. They usually get old after a while, and people like reading different books! Stick with what you like, but make sure it’s revitalized.

#3 - Think about your own life experiences and moments you loved. Add in a few characters or twists, and hey, you may just have an award-winner.

#4 - Recall a few incidents that you felt strongly about and write them down. Amazing novels have been based or influenced by people’s emotions on a certain article or news story that they heard or read. It can truly ignite that fire to get your opinion heard!

#5 - Writing a good story isn’t about trying to impress people. It’s about impressing yourself with being able to evoke emotions within people and giving them a different outlook on something.

Remember: writing is an art, and art is created from passion and beliefs. If you love it, create from it. Don’t settle for an idea, stand for an idea you want people to think about. Then, start writing a plot you care about!


Tiffany Konechny is an 18 year old Canadian writer. Tiffany says, “I’ve always admired how writers can evoke strong emotions from people by reading their work. I want to be able to write pieces that makes someone feel inspired in life because to be able to do that is an amazing accomplishment that I believe is the most rewarding part about being a writer.”


One comment on “Write a Plot You Care About

  1. You are absolutely right. You have to write about something you love not what you “think” everyone else will like.

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