Glorious Is the Written Word

by Wilhelmina Wright, Age 19, Australia


You can’t write, but you can’t sleep either. Thoughts are disjointed and every word is dull from over-production. Those not worthy shall not see the dawn of day. Erase them all, and start again–blank page and blinking cursor.

Why is it that when the crescent moon peeps through the curtains creativity strikes? Why is it that in the hour of sleep your mind spits out an idea you have willed to come all day, but could never catch? Why is it that the persuasive, excited power of your mind can pull up a sleeping bag of bones in order to put pen to paper for this idea before it fades with the night?

Come morning, if it’s good, enjoy the glory! If it’s not, don’t panic . Go to words to be lost, to be immersed in a world created entirely by thought, to be rid of factual claims and supposed truths, to believe the written word.

Write for originality and intricate design. Write ‘til you are inside the words. Write ‘til you are done. Write to be right. Write to write, and then, feel grateful.

Feel grateful for the dribble that’s fallen from your mind that has so many times before been ignored.

Glorious, is the written word.


Wilhelmina (Mina) Wright is a 19 year old Australian writer who feels that the greatest triumph in writing is the act of getting words down and getting a project done.


One comment on “Glorious Is the Written Word

  1. Julia

    You are a great writer. Your words seem to be oozing with beauty,waiting to be read. They are so poetic and yet do not leave me with that intimidated feeling I sometimes get when I read poetry that seems too good to be true.

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