Where Emediong Finds Story Ideas

by Emediong Okon, Age 17, Nigeria


You are a writer and you love carrying notepads everywhere you go.

Sometimes you have the urge to write even when you have no ideas. You look around and try your hardest, still nothing. You close your notepad.

No one likes writer’s block. I hate it; it’s mean. I get over my writer’s block in these ways:

  1. I carry my notepad and walk around my neighbourhood, jotting down all the beautiful things I see.
  2. I lie on my lawn and watch the clouds. (Don’t go blinding your eyes in the afternoon, please.) The most beautiful time is in the evening when the clouds are in a colour dialogue.
  3. I also go online to read fiction. That’s how my story “Survived it All” came about.
  4. I watch my favourite show and drink coffee. I sleep and bam! Ideas flow. Literally, my dreams are like romance movies.
  5. The last and most helpful for me is a writing prompt. It’s the best. (Laura has writing prompts on her writing tips page.)

But trust me, ideas are everywhere. I once was inspired by my messy room. It was so filthy. Really. I was just lying there on the pile of clothes and got an idea. So come on, ideas are all around you. Don’t just look, see it and realize what it is. You’re a writer!


Emediong Okon is a 17 year old writer from Nigeria. Emediong says, “I love writing, I’ve always written down everything I felt since when I was really young. But I’m not an art student though, I’m science and I’ll be studying engineering in future. But every other second I have, I try to vent myself on paper.” Read Emediong’s blog.


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