What if Laura had a You Tube Channel?

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As we start work on the new custom-built website for LTC which will launch before Christmas, I am also being forced to think about what kind of You Tube channel I should create. Yikes! I’m not a TV professional, though I did have my own show which I produced and hosted for two series in 2010. But a channel that supports young writers? What would that look like?

What I do know is that I would like to create a channel that fits the LTC mission of fostering the development of young writers worldwide. So my audience is all of you who participate in our free contests, write for jaBlog, come to our Junior Authors Conferences, read Polly. I would be the host, of course. That’s the easy part. But the content…that’s where I need help.

This is where you come in.

Here are some questions I need answered before I can take launching a You Tube channel to the serious planning stages. I would love to know what you think. You can email me your answers or leave them below in the comments section. Any and all feedback is welcome.

  1. How long do you want each episode to be?
  2. What topics would you like me to cover?
  3. Would you like it to connect to Polly Wants to Be a Writer?
  4. Would you like a writing exercise in each episode or advice?
  5. Would you like the series to build toward a bigger lesson or have each episode stand alone?
  6. Would you care if every episode was shot from my desk and the setting didn’t change?
  7. What would a good title for the channel be?
  8. How often would you like a new episode? Should it be once a week? Once a month? More?
  9. If you are interested in getting involved, please submit an application to the LTC Team.



Laura Michelle Thomas

About Laura Michelle Thomas

Laura Michelle Thomas is a novelist, freelance writer, writing mentor, and the owner of Laura Thomas Communications. She is the creator and administrator of the Junior Authors Contests and Junior Authors Conferences. Laura is publisher and senior editor of jaBlog! and is dedicated to fostering the development of young writers worldwide.

11 comments on “What if Laura had a You Tube Channel?

  1. Sylvie

    Well, I guess it really doesn’t matter if the setting stays the same, but it would be nice if you offered both advice and a writing exercise. It would also be nice if you sort of went in order (when doing the episodes) to begin with thinking of an idea for the story, then writing it, then editing and publishing, or something like that.

    • Hi Sylvie. Your idea is very similar to what I have in mind. I am releasing a series of companion worksheets to go along with Polly Wants to Be a Writer called “Write a Short Story.” It’s a six-step process for writing a short story and I was thinking I could make each step a separate video in a series. The worksheets will be available in the LTC store before Christmas…if all goes well. :-)

  2. Hmm… So I guess you are concerned about the content? That’s the question which hit my mind too after reading the title. I guess, you can solve a problem or question per episode that comes to a young writer’s mind while writing a book and end it with a short writing exercise which can improve the problem presented.

  3. Livv

    I think it would be so cool if you could have authors on your videos every once in a while. I especially like Kate Dicamillo, Neil Gaiman, and RJ Palacio.

  4. Alice Hutley

    I think each episode should be stand alone and writing exercises would be helpful for each episode. I’m not sure how long exactly, but less than half an hour probably. The setting could stay the same, but if it benefits what your talking about a different setting could be helpful.
    I’m just trying to think of all situations, people, and internet connection speeds.

  5. Most YouTube videos that I watch are 5-10 minutes long and as for the topic, I think writing advice would be great, like a how-to (how to make a plot, how to develop characters, how to conquer writer’s block, etc).The people I’ve subscribed to on YouTube sometimes put a video on every week or once a month. However, I think every one or two weeks you should make a new video. Like Ian said above, a special guest once in a while would also be cool.

    I definitely think you should you should make a YouTube channel. It would be very helpful.

  6. Ian

    It would be cool if you had a special guest writer appear in some episodes. Maybe even answer any junior authors’ questions.

  7. Rhianna

    The videos I normally watch on YouTube are about five to ten minutes long, and the person normally uploads one very one or two weeks. Personally the setting doesn’t matter too much, and if you upload a video from your desk every week, then I’ll watch it every week, and I would like it if each lesson stood alone.

    Good luck with the videos!

    • Super. Thanks for your feedback. If you have any ideas for topics, I’m all ears.

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