Website Review: Figment

by Maya Ambrose, Age 15, United States


Figment: An Online Community jaBlog!

Figment’s tag line is “write yourself in”

There aren’t many online communities made specifically for young writers from all over the world to unite, help each other and write together. is one of these few. This website reaches out to young writers and aspiring authors. It offers them advice and writing tips, short stories written by their peers, fun giveaways, and writing opportunities.

I found Figment around the time I found my love of writing, which was early in 2014. Figment welcomed me with open arms, letting me easily create a free account and instantly join a friendly community filled with thousands of junior writers from as nearby as next door to as far away as Africa!

Figment is a very user-friendly website with bright colours and bold graphics that excite the eye and keep you almost as interested as the hundreds of thousands of short stories and novellas do. It couldn’t be easier to publish a story on Figment, and it couldn’t be more fun to share it with other writers!

There’s something for everybody. Whether your favourite kind of story involves canaries or Cape Cod, you’re bound to find it there. Figment and its users all seem to strive to help each other become more creative and unique writers. I still have the draft from a story I wrote before I joined Figment, which I love to compare to some of my more recent works and see the marked differences that I owe to Figment and its users, or “Figs” as we like to be called.

There are countless writing groups and forums to join and participate in as well, which deepens the sense of friendship and community. Recently Figment began featuring popular authors almost weekly on their website for special scheduled Q&A chats with users. Previous authors have included The Maze Runner’s James Dashner and the authors of Uncaged, John Sandford and Michele Cook, all of whom have answered hundreds of very helpful questions.

Figment also loves to showcase many of its very talented members. From publicizing them through their various social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), to publishing their work on the homepage and blog, you’re likely to have your writing featured!

One of my favourite moments in my writing journey so far has been seeing my fictional crime story, The Past As Our Name grace the front page as one of the most read and liked stories on Figment. It is an accomplishment that I am still very proud of.

Figment has helped me become a better writer, to share what I do and to find what I love. I hope that it can do the same for you.


Maya Ambrose is a 15 year old writer from the United States. She says: “I strive to take risks and set myself apart from other young writers with the help of my distinctive and recognizable literary style and voice.”


2 comments on “Website Review: Figment

  1. A. C. Painchaud

    Wow. Figment was, for me, my first go at writing. I gained my passion in 2012, and I wrote a book and put it on in 2014, once I found Figment. I then developed my own string of websites to host my content, and I moved my stuff there (I’m debating on whether to put my older ones back on Figment that were originally on there). Ultimately Figment helped me get a head start in writing, and Wix helped me to build my nonprofit network of writing, videos, and more that I’ve made over 5 years.

  2. Maya

    My Figment Homepage can be accessed by clicking this link:

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