Washington’s Whatcom Young Writers Writing Club

by Emily Lundberg, US West Blogger for jaBlog!


Whatcom Young Writers GraphicNestled along the coast of northern Washington, a community of young writers from the ages 8 to 18 has the opportunity to connect weekly, thanks to the non-profit organization Whatcom Young Writers. Based in Bellingham, Washington, the organization hosts weekly writing club meetings in libraries across the area.

Whatcom Young Writers prides itself on creating an environment where young writers have the opportunity to connect with each other and form lasting friendships.

Every week, young writers are engaged in a creative warm-up exercise, a teaching activity, and, most importantly, the opportunity to learn during time set aside for sharing their work with each other. This not only allows club members to get honest feedback on their work, it also encourages young writers to learn from the qualities they notice in the writing of their peers. In addition, all meetings are run by staff members, who include professional writers, college professors, teachers, and aspiring authors who are full of useful advice to give young writers.

As the only non-profit for young writers in Whatcom county, the presence of Whatcom Young Writers makes a huge impact on creative young souls in the area by giving them a place where they can truly share who they are.

All young authors between the ages of 8 and 18 also have the opportunity to be published in the organization’s online gallery. For those of you interested in the opportunity, click here to view their submission guidelines and get writing.



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