Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Junior Authors UK Conference in May

by Rhianna Urquhart, Age 14, Scotland

Artwork by Katie King


10 Reasons to Attend Junior Authors ConferenceLaura Thomas Communications is brining its Junior Authors Writers Conference to the UK for the first time on May 18th 2014.

Young writers who attended the conference in Vancouver this year had a blast. One participant said, “You have inspired me to write and to never give up on my dream. And thank you to all the speakers. You guys have taught me so much and now I feel like I’m more controlled in my writing. I now have an understanding of the basics.”

If you’re still unsure about buying a ticket, we’ve got the top ten reasons to attend right here.

#10 The Food
I’ve counted. There are three breaks for refreshments and a buffet lunch. With all this food, the Hobbits amongst us will feel very, very at home.

#9 The Advice
According to recent rumours, J.K. Rowling’s third cousin now haunts the Manor House Hotel and gives advice to young writers in the form of Shakespearian sonnets. Nothing but the best for young writers, of course.

#8 Meet Other Literary Dragons
Are you shy around other people? We know the feeling. Not only will other young writers be there, at some point their literary dragons might show up too. You never know. You might just leave the conference with a new (dragon) best friend.

#7 Go Mad On Stationery
Just admit it, every writer loves new notepads with their fresh blank pages, fancy pens and highlighters. Treat yourself; use the conference as an excuse to buy stationery. You know you want to.

#6 Games at 11:45
Fans of Suzanne Collins will be relieved to know it’s not the type of game Katniss volunteered to play in. Or is it?

#5 Prize Draws
Think of it like the prize draw in 172 Hours on the Moon, but with less NASA and alien things.

#4 Surprise Event at 12:30
Plot twist! Not even Sherlock Holmes can work out what’s in store. Maybe he’ll make an appearance after he solves the mystery?

#3 Call It Christmas
Still not sure what you’re asking for this Christmas? I know that plenty of my friends still don’t know what they’re asking for. Maybe if you promise to leave him cookies, Santa will leave a conference ticket under the tree for you.

#2 For Narniacs
Lewis had many connections to Surrey. The hotel might be the place where you finally discover a wardrobe to Narnia! Say hello to Aslan for me.

#1 Alien Alert!
You might find attending the conference lands you in an alien adventure of your own. H.G. Wells set War of the Worlds in Surrey. Who knows what might land on our planet in the middle of the conference? Or maybe Laura is an alien and she’s already here…

Ticket info and more here


Rhianna Urquhart is a 14 year old writer from Scotland. Rhianna says, “I love reading and writing. My parents read to me from a young age and I don’t know where I’d be without it. It’s a massive part of my life, and things like the Junior Authors Writers Conference are opportunities I wouldn’t miss.”


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  1. Anonymous

    Well written and rather witty. In an otherwise lovely article, I’d just like to point out that it is ‘stationery’ (which refers to all manner of paper related equipment) in this context, not ‘stationary’ (which is used to express a lack of motion).

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