The Writer’s Mind

by Sapphira Winter, Age 15, Philippines


It’s funny that even if we woke up pumped to complete a chapter or a short story, we can still find ourselves frozen in front of that piece of paper or blank Word document. We even have the motivation and the right mind set to get started, but we can’t write a single word.

Don’t give up. There are plenty of ways to get your mind working, and they’re all pretty simple.

If you are to continue writing a story, close your eyes and imagine yourself as the main character. Live through their time and reminisce their memories as if they’re your own. Once you breathe life into your character once again after you last left your story, all you have to do is ask, “How would I react here?” or “This problem that I am facing, what should I do with it at a time like this?”

If you are to create a new story, the simplest way is to look around. The world is full of adventure. Even taking a step out of your front door is an adventure. And, because you’re a writer, you have the ability to see and understand things around you in a completely different way. You can bend things to your will inside your head and immediately form them into words. Stare at real world settings and your writer’s mind can come up with its history. Notice a person walking in an upset manner, and you can come up with a story.

If you master this, everything around you becomes inspiring and exciting. You’ll always want to write.

But don’t forget that it’s okay if you really can’t write at the moment! That’s how the writer’s mind works sometimes.


Sapphira Winter is a 15 year old writer from the Philippines.


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