The Story Kitchen: Elements Of A Story

by Akshta Khurana, Age 13, India

Artwork by Lucy Zhang

The Story Kitchen jaBlog!“Do you know why they say they’re ‘cooking a good story’?”


“Because there is a bewitching magic in both.”

This casual dialogue between myself and a friend provoked me to explore the similarities in my favourite forms of art: writing and cooking. Based on my experiences as a young writer who loves cooking, I have written a small recipe highlighting the basic elements of a story.


1 protagonist (the main ingredient)
1 or more antagonists (with flavours which contrast the protagonist)
protagonist’s allies (optional)
handful of other characters, as per taste
spices & condiments (also known as conflict)


1) Grease your main setting (the pot) with an introduction.

2) Over a low flame, introduce all characters one-by-one.

3) As the protagonist begins boiling, gradually add the spices and condiments to taste.

4) Keep the flame high until the climax. Then immediately switch to a subtle flame at the resolution.

5) At the end, let all ingredients settle carefully.

6) Pour the story on a page and let it cool.

7) Top it off with an interesting title.

8) Optionally, garnish with illustration

Serve and enjoy!

You can freely experiment with your choice of ingredients and spices. This is just one recipe, one way to cook up a story. Go ahead, don’t be afraid to add a personal touch to it. Make sure you have loads of fun!

Bon Appétit!


Akshta is an aspiring young writer from New Delhi, India.


4 comments on “The Story Kitchen: Elements Of A Story

  1. Pooja Narula

    Amazing story!! An inspiration for those who don’t like to read or write articles..

  2. Anu

    This is a very modest way of bringing together the two creative fields of life .. very subtle yet engrossing.. way of explaing.. Keep it up

  3. Winifred


  4. Suki

    A very creative way of looking at story elements. Nice job!

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