The Naked Storyteller


Only available in paperback through Laura.

by Laura Michelle Thomas

Contemporary Fiction – Humorous / Satire / Romance
ISBN 978-1-4602-4620-7
List Price $17.95 CAD

About the Story
Harry Tyke is a flabby, divorced grade-six teacher on the verge of a monumental mid-life crisis when he unexpectedly ends up in a storytelling workshop taught by a creative, free-thinking teacher-turned-storyteller named Olga. The workshop awakens Harry’s long dead romantic side and hurls him into stories from his past, including his decision to give up on his dream of being a novelist to please his parents, a decision this classroom-weary teacher can no longer live with as he sags into his fifties.

Questioning contemporary ideas of what makes a happy and productive life in an increasingly digital world, this cheeky romantic comedy–set in Vancouver, Canada–will have you cheering for this unlikely leading man from start to finish.


Readers Will Root for Harry (Delta Optimist, July 11, 2014)
Author Laura Thomas pokes fun at education (Vancouver Sun, August 11, 2014)



“Ms. Thomas has penned a compelling novel that will keep readers cheering and jeering for the unlikely hero while remaining sympathetic to the unfortunate events in his life. You’ll enjoy it.” - Deb Sanders, Blogger Read Review

“Laura Michelle Thomas is an exceptional writer. Her words sucked me into Harry’s world and I was thrilled to travel alongside him…” - Sage Adderley Read Review

“In Laura Thomas’s smashing new novel, we meet an array of characters from different walks of life; from the kind James to the cynical Harry, she presents a new take on the typical romance.” - Hannah Brown, UK Read Review

“Anyone who has ever felt unsure of themselves, or has ever been unhappy with their life will connect with and find a kindred spirit in Harry.” - Cathy 

“Great gripping story. You’re a wonderful writer!” - Michelle

“The Naked Storyteller made me laugh a lot and think even more. Thomas’s writing style is thrillingly unique. And this is coming from someone who’s read a novel a week since third grade.” - Valerie

“I just finished your book. Well done! A fun read with interesting plot twists and an unlikely protagonist: The Beast. I am so impressed that you’ve now written 2 novels. You are a very disciplined, creative, talented woman.” - Marg

“I finished reading The Naked Storyteller today. Fantastic book! It really resonated with me on several levels… Your writing is really great. I especially liked the way you created suspense, and made me read on… Very nicely done, but not overdone.” - Doug

“I recently read The Naked Storyteller and absolutely enjoyed every page. I found that I could really relate to the story especially as it questioned the education system, illustrated the challenges and importance of finding your own way in life, and explored exactly what a happy and successful life is. Thank you for a wonderful read!” - Rizina


What Advance Readers Had to Say…

Powerhouse realtor, Fraser Elliot of Delta, BC, paid over $150 in an auction to get his hands on an advance copy of The Naked Storyteller.

Powerhouse realtor, Fraser Elliot of Delta, BC, paid $150 in an auction to get his hands on an advance copy of The Naked Storyteller.

“It will be a best seller. I can feel it in my bones.”

“From Polly Wants to be a Writer to The Naked Storyteller, Thomas brilliantly demonstrates her diversity in genres. Her second book delivers some serious food for thought about choosing your own path in life, the role of technology in modern society, and even a middle-aged romance, all rolled up into one hilarious package.”

“Almost spit my coffee out; Thomas’s comedic timing is flawless.”

“I really enjoyed reading this book and glad someone addressed the issue of too much technology in schools. In my state, a large focus is to enforce virtual school classes, so I understood where this book was coming from and found it very relatable.”

The Naked Storyteller is a touching, funny, and insightful work of fiction.”

“When I started it, I thought, how could I possibly enjoy some angry guy who hates his life? But it’s actually kind of surprised me, because I have.”

“Rather a redemptive story. It is a very easy read despite the quite serious issues involved, because Thomas writes so well.”

“To write a story about storytelling puts a certain amount of pressure on the author to deliver something special, and Thomas and her story do not disappoint.”

“It’s funny!”

“The author has a real knack for creative vivid, and often funny, images that truly capture a moment, emotion, or state.”

“The well-timed moments of humour and lightheartedness keeps the audience invested in the story and contrasts the painful moments in a way that heightens the effectiveness of both.”



10 comments on “The Naked Storyteller

  1. How exciting! A vitural book tour! When are the details out?

  2. Audrey Corno

    I would like to recommend you to sell your book to

  3. Nina

    Hi Laura,

    I have a question pertaining to the Friday Giveaway for September 5th. Do we have to try and guess what the rest of the last sentence is or do we have to rewrite it in our own words? I’m confused.

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Nina. You can try to finish the last sentence or finish the entire paragraph.

      • Nina

        Hi Laura,

        Thanks for replying to my comment. I accidentally misinterpreted the instructions and thought that we were supposed to tell you what the rest of the last sentence and the rest of the paragraph is. So, I just emailed you the rest of the paragraph that you had written….not in my own words. I didn’t realize that we were supposed to write it in our own words. Can I re-email it you in my own words?

        • Laura Thomas

          Hi Nina. You bet! That was the challenge I had intended. I completely forgot that you could just look up the first two pages on Amazon!! Either way you have entered the next giveaway.

  4. Hello: I would like to order 5 copies of The Naked Storyteller for the Fraser Valley Regional Library (paperback edition)
    Do you have copies? If so, is it convenient for you to drop them off at one of our Delta libraries, with an invoice made out to Fraser Valley Regional Library. (Include you name and address on the invoice–we’ll mail you a cheque(. Just ask the library staff to dend the books to me at the Admiistrative Centre on our delivery service. (My phone is 604-859-7141 ext 7027– email: )

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Mary. I don’t usually handle library orders as the novel should be available through your usual distributor. However, I will be ordering some shortly and will get 5 extra for FVRL. When they arrive, I will drop them off at Ladner Pioneer.

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