The Blank Page

by Allison MacDougall, Age 19, Canada


It always starts with the blank page. Still, bright and mocking. Forever mocking me. I start with a word: The– no, that’s too typical. Scratch that. And I mean literally scratch that out. I have never been able to write on a screen. Screens do not permit you the pleasure of burying a mistake in thick, bold lines, releasing all of your frustration as you drown the word in a sea of ink.

Back to the blank page. My eternal nemesis. Always driving me to incessant ramblings and physical assault upon the fragile sheet of loose-leaf. Another reason I’m not one for typing; you cannot strangle a computer monitor as easily as a lone piece of paper.

Eventually, the words will begin to flow from the pen, overtaking the blank page. Frustration is replaced with a sense of tranquility which in turn leads to pride, and all of this derives from the practice known as writing.

Writing gives life to my thoughts and allows them to live and breathe on a page, even if it is the infamous blank page. As ink covers paper the blank page is transformed from something mocking into something of a unique quality. It can be filled with joy or laced with pain. It can be wise and thought-provoking or simple and amusing. Once my enemy, the blank page is now my friend. It is a product of my endeavours that has given me a voice and freed my thoughts, an outlet for creativity and spontaneity.

A writer puts pen to paper for many reasons, be it happiness, pride, or like me, maybe just to find a way to conquer that blank page.


Allison MacDougall is a 19 year old Canadian who is currently¬†completing her first year of University, majoring in English. Allison says, “I have always enjoyed writing because I love to create things. Whether it is stories, music or art, I believe creativity is necessary for life, which is why my goal is to live a creative life. After all, living without creativity isn’t really living at all.”


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