I Don’t Know What to Write

by Taylor MacLeod, Age 16, Canada


Sometimes when people don’t know what to write, they look to others. They go to friends or family and ask, “What should I write?” When you ask someone this, though, it’s not the same as when you find your own inspiration for writing.

There are many different ways people write. Some people create story outlines and then fill in the blanks. Some people start by creating characters, and then watch how they act and listen to how they speak.  You must choose the way that comes naturally to you.

If you don’t know what to write, try a web. Start with a single word; it could be anything from a type of food, to an emotion. Think about that word. What enters into your mind? If you think about anger, do you envision a stormy sea crashing onto the rocks of a cliff? Or do you think of two people, a couple, fighting because they just can’t work it out? Whatever the word makes you think, no matter what it is, write it down.  Soon the words will start flowing.

Another good way to get your mind flowing is to get together with a group of friends. Stand in a circle or a line. Have one person at a time say a word. Create a story with your friends where no one knows where the story will go. Try it. It’s really fun!

Don’t worry. You will know what to write, even if your heart figures it out before your mind does.



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