Two Ways to Cure Writer’s Block

by Sherl Godfrey, Age 12


If you ask ten writers how they cure writer’s block, you’re bound to get ten different answers. Why? Because unlike any other sickness, writer’s block has multiples cures. Some read, some do writing exercises and some listen to music. Everyone has different methods and some methods only work will with certain people.

My advice for getting your mojo back is to return to whatever it was that inspired you to start writing in the first place. If a book inspired you to start writing, go re-read that book! When you read it the first time, something sparked in you. Something told you to get up and write something. Try recreating that spark by retracing your steps, finding your inspiration and getting inspired all over again. Once you find that spark, that block of ice that has frozen your imagination will instantly melt. You will be cured!

Another easy way to cure writer’s block is to ask yourself questions. Sometimes, I do little surveys that pose questions. It all depends on what you’re writing. If you’re trying to write a story for example, ask yourself questions that deal with the story. What is my story about? Who is my audience? What do I want my audience to feel or think? What category does my story fit in?

Writer’s block happens when your imagination gets sick or freezes from having too many ideas and thoughts competing with each other. Once you clear your mind with these refreshing questions, I guarantee you’ll be ready to write again.



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