September Fiction: Timekeeper (a poem)

by Jane Liu, Age 16, USA

The fiction prompt for September was “pencil.”



In a little converted
Studio apartment in Upper Manhattan
A cheap black mesh pencil holder
Has the place of honour atop an
Ancient, scarred writing desk, and
Imprisoned inside the mesh lies
Wood edged in gold that ends in
Soft pink, marred by evidence
Of desperate gnawing and so
A budding writer, or an artist hopeful
Sharpens his craft, her art, on bits
Of grocery lists and takeout receipts.

The soft scritch-scritch of
Graphite echoes in the cavern
Of loneliness by choice, stealing away
The hours and serving as timekeeper, the
Pendulum of a city that doesn’t care
For the sounds, their creator a songbird
In midst of peacocks and pandemonium
And Wall Street, and still the
Softest noise becomes a cuckoo clock
Just ticking away the seconds of
Someone who dared to dream.


Jane writes: “Though I enjoy writing humorous short stories and poems, I’m currently working on a YA novel with darker themes.”


One comment on “September Fiction: Timekeeper (a poem)

  1. Meghna

    This is so amazing.

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