September Fiction: If Only She Could (a poem)

by Hiya Chowdhury, Age 13, India

The fiction prompt for September was “pencil.”


If Only She Could

When she stays at home and cooks for four,
The smoke clears to show a pair of bloodshot eyes.
When she steps out, people say,
“Stay in the house! You might go astray!”

They fail to see the bird in her heart,
Trapped, screeching for help,
When she sees her brothers come back from school,
And compares them with her monotonous, lonely days.

They don’t know about the life she wants to lead,
But is distracted by myth, and held back by dignity.
Her life may be bound to the four corners of her house,
But her desires fly to the moon.

She wishes to touch the gleaming surface of a pen.
She wishes to smell the fragrance of old books.
The wishes to turn the pages, drink in the knowledge.
She wishes to know more.

But all they’re afraid of is that she will take over
A society so wretchedly vapid
When she picks up her pencils to fill the canvas so vast,
They’re afraid she will rule the world.


Hiya writes, “I am out to look for the many lands of words that are yet to be discovered.”


5 comments on “September Fiction: If Only She Could (a poem)

  1. Tapas palit

    We would like to see more creative writings from your pen and wish it gets stronger day by day

  2. Hiya

    Thank you for your comments! They really do inspire me to keep going!

  3. Wow, this is a fantastic poem! I love how heart-felt and beautiful it is. I can really feel your character’s pain and yearning through your words. Great job!

  4. Elsie J

    This is simply beautiful. Write on!

  5. Sylvie

    This is a beautiful, powerful poem. Good job!

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