September Fiction: Chiaroscuro (a poem)

by Meghna Chatterjee, Age 14, India

The fiction prompt for September was “pencil.”



He penciled the afternoon in light and dark,
A summer sunset, golden perfection,
Its sweetness understood viscerally
In the periphery of closeted recollections.

Pastille thoughts etched in glyphs of greyed lines,
Lazy play of shadows and light,
The days hung loosely folded then;
It’s gaudiness felt in the bees’ flight.

How old had they been?
Thirteen, perhaps, not more.
When their hands had entwined
Beneath the Nor’wester’s roars.

Now he sketches between the lines–
Charcoaled in when he wasn’t looking,
His hair had greyed, his eyes had too,
His mind still silver, still seeking
The warmth of the days they had spent with the clouds,
Beneath the wet, humid boughs–

A summer sunset of golden perfection,
An aftertaste hovering in the edges of recollection.

*Chiaroscuro: a technical artistic term referring to the use of strong, bold contrasts (light versus dark) in a composition.


When asked to describe herself as a writer, Meghna responded: “Work in progress.”


2 comments on “September Fiction: Chiaroscuro (a poem)

  1. Hiya

    Write on! I look forward to more. This is simply magical!

  2. Cindy G

    This poem is so, so beautiful. I just love it!

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