September Fiction: Artistic Motion (a poem)

by Terrance Mawanga, Age 19, Zimbabwe

The fiction prompt for September was “pencil.”


Artistic Motion

Clasped under the firm grasp of a determined hand
It drifted through the thick atmospheric maze
Cutting through the membranes of air particles
Gravitating swiftly towards the white paper
Riding precariously on the train of promise
A promise to conceive and to breathe new life
It descended, smiling at the beckoning delicacy
Its sharp, pointed tooth craving to taste the paper
And to boldly smear it with traces of magnificence
To present itself and leave an imprint
The grip of the hand tightened even the more
And the instrument tilted at an angle
Suddenly it kissed the smooth surface
Spitting an intensely black venomous substance
And dyeing the surface with a dark brilliance
Staining it with an array of distinguished lines
Swift strokes of the hand and form began to appear
Then it was lifted its pointed edge swallowed
Having traded its life for a splendid drawing to live
A life born
From a pencil’s sweat


Terrance says: “Writing is a very big part of me; it defines who I am as a person.”


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