Write to Overcome Writer’s Block

by Saraid Taylor, Age 14, Australia


When I write, it’s like the contents of my brain mix with my feelings and overflow onto a page. Squillions of baby ideas all squealing and toddling around excitedly, wanting to be noticed.

When you feel those large, smooth pebbles clogging up the part of your head where the little thoughts grow, refusing to let ANY ideas form, you have to relax. In your haste to write something you know could be brilliant, you’re stressing yourself out. Calm those zinging bits of energy. Store the enthusiasm. Open your mind. Just write. Allow yourself to put something on the page, anything on the page.

A sentence, no matter how dopey, will dislodge those pebbles and let a trickle of ideas seep through. You’ll look at that sentence and think, “Well, that looks rubbish,” but you’ll be able to edit the dodgy bits or find an idea you can follow until you have something you like.

Even when it came to writing this, I didn’t have much. My brain wasn’t being very cooperative but I just had to let myself be and start writing anyway. A couple of words that I felt like scribbling down. Words that would more than likely be deleted at the final chop.

Even a sentence nudges a pebble that helps the ideas to start dribbling through.  And then the dribble starts a flow that just gushes onto your page and you have so many ideas bursting forward that they just have to get out and be secured somewhere so they aren’t lost, and even your mum getting super duper frustrated that your dinner is growing cold and yet you can’t plug the flood of your writing.

That’s what writing is. A beautiful surging river that you give birth to, into a world where writing is embraced.


Saraid Taylor is a 14 year old Australian writer who wants to write a “good” novel, something people will really enjoy reading, something memorable enough to win an award. She has won several writing competitions and has the bad habit of turning every school assignment into a writing exercise. Read Saraid’s blog.


One comment on “Write to Overcome Writer’s Block

  1. Jennifer Høegh

    Great stuff, Saraid. I’ll think of this when I venture back to writing next year. Keep in touch. I look forward to seeing your name on a book some day.
    Fond regards
    Jenny Høegh

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