Review: Polly Workbook 5 is Magic

by Hiya Chowdhury, Age 14, India


Polly Workbook 5

Available for download in the LTC store

I have a scenario in mind that I think will resonate with every young writer reading this, and maybe some older ones, too.

You are sitting at your desk, with your manuscript ready and filled with your tears and sweat and the ridiculous amount of hard work you’ve put into it. And yet, there is an emptiness, because you have no idea how it can be sent out into the world, so that your hard work can be felt by others. And so, days go on until the point when you have lost all hope to ever get published.

This looks and sounds exactly like my absolute worst nightmare. Until now, I never knew that it had a solution.

Now re-imagine yourself, sitting at your desk with your manuscript, but now, Laura M. Thomas’s Polly Workbook 5: Get Published, lies by your side.

I can truly say that the magic that lies inside these twenty pages is incomparable to any other guide about publishing that I have ever read.

It not only acts as a shoulder to lean on all through the publishing process but also provides a brutally honest insight to how publishing houses work and what should be kept in mind while approaching one. I will also add here that the jargon that has been explained in the workbook regarding publishing was the cause for the biggest sigh of relief I have ever heaved.

For someone like me, who is not at all familiar with the publishing process, this workbook has been a boon. It is not everyday that I find something that will propel my journey as a writer, but this workbook certainly is going to, in more ways than one.

Finally, I extend a big thank you to Laura, without whom I think most of our writing lives would’ve been incomplete. Thank you to her for writing this workbook and the four before it, and thank you to her for relentlessly working to make us better writers. We will always be indebted to her as writers.



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