Review of Polly Wants to Be a Writer Workbook #2: Write an Essay

by Amna Gillani, Age 15, Pakistan


Workbook #2 Review - jaBlog!Like me, you probably don’t have a mentor who can help improve your work. In the absence of any feedback, I used to think my essays were perfect. However, Laura Thomas’s Polly Wants to Be a Writer Workbook #2: Write an Essay brought me to my senses. It was then I realized how unbalanced my work was.

Desiring to help young writers, but with a growing realization that she would no longer be able to address their problems individually, Laura Thomas had a thought to write a workbook to teach essay writing in an organized way.

Simply put, it is a masterpiece. Nothing dampens fun like writer’s block; it is the main reason why we have so many unfinished drafts on our computers. From successfully completing your first draft to editing and proofreading it, this workbook guides you through all stages of the writing process so you don’t have to wonder what comes next. It also shows you how to use your literary dragon effectively. The best part about it is that it makes writing an essay fun, something I did not think was possible.

If you feel like you can’t focus when writing your essay, Ms. Whitford’s handy tips found throughout the workbook will get you in the right frame of mind. Once you follow the rules specified, you can easily reach your conclusion.

Editing is the most important job we must do. However, most of us edit at the wrong time. Teaching us when to edit and how to edit, this workbook skillfully paves the way to writing a publishable essay by guiding us through different stages. Final touches are everything.

Through this workbook, I learned the tricks of the trade and how to present my work to an editor. In order to show respect to the writing industry, follow the rules mentioned in this workbook. The checklist at the end makes sure you do not forget anything.

At school, I have written a lot of essays. Some were good, some weren’t. All were boring to write. Like me, you probably consider essay writing to be boring, but get ready to change your mind. This workbook has an unusual trait of letting you have fun by teaching you how to be creative and putting your own spin on an already assigned topic. Trust me; you are going to enjoy writing essays with this.

Never imposing, this workbook shows instead of tells. A must-have, it prepares you to counter writer’s block. Guiding you through the editorial process, it helps create a publishable piece of writing. If you are serious about getting published, I suggest you use this workbook to guide you in an organized way. Many publishers want non-fiction, so essay writing is an important skill to know. It’s best to learn the art from a published author, one who teaches in an organized but fun way.

Polly Wants to Be a Writer Workbook #2: Write an Essay is only available in the LTC Store ($2.99 CAD).


Amna Gillani is a 15 year old writer from Pakistan who tries to exploit every writing opportunity that comes along.


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