Writing From Experience

by Rachel Wong, Age 16


Have you ever been asked to write a poem or a short story with no topic at all? Did you find yourself staring at the computer for hours on end with no inspiration coming through?

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever gotten as a young writer is using personal experiences for inspiration. Writing about things that you have experienced makes the job a lot easier. By writing about your past or what you have gone through before, makes it easier to not only relate to the characters and problems, it also helps put your voice into the writing. You have “been there” and “done that,” so who else would be an expert on your experiences except for you?

Of course, it may be tedious to write the same personal story word for word and not every experience will relate to what you want to write, but you can use your experiences to for inspiration. Think about what you want the piece to portray and the mood. Have you felt emotions like that before? Was there a time in your life when you have been through something scary, happy, or just plain weird? These are all things that can be great starting points for personal writings and school projects.

Your past and your mind are a vast wealth of inspiration for writing fiction and non-fiction. Use them to bring out the great author within you!


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