Polly Wants to Be a Writer

Polly Wants to Be a Writer: The Junior Authors Guide To Writing and Getting Published

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Polly Wants to Be a Writer

Aspiring teen authors agree that Polly is a must-read if you are serious about writing and getting published.

by Laura Michelle Thomas
YA Fiction – Urban Fantasy / Writing Guide
ISBN 978-1-4602-2819-7 (Paperback)
ISBN 978-1-4602-2820-3 (eBook)

About the Story
In the wake of her parents’ separation, Polly, a fifteen-year-old wannabe writer, comes face to face with her inner dragon, a truculent, impatient creature who is a talented but frightful critic of her writing. With the help of Ms. Patience Whitford, a literary dragon trainer and leader of a global writing guild, Polly faces the almost impossible task of going beyond her “good ideas” to finish a publishable piece of fiction. All the while, Polly and her dragon become entangled in a dangerous scheme that threatens the future of every writer on the planet.

Polly Wants to Be a Writer is an imaginative urban fantasy, complete with nefarious villains, intrigue, complex interwoven backstories, evil plots, and a good deal of solid advice on how to become a writer. It is an engaging read, crafted to capture the imagination of young, aspiring writers.



“You were definitely an inspiration to help me finish my novel and I want to sincerely thank you for that. Actually, I think I finished it shortly after I read Polly Wants To Be A Writer. Somehow, that just helped me conclude my last stage of editing and I was finally able to say: I finished my first book.” – Tiffany, Age 18

“I’m currently at an animation festival in Ottawa and finished reading Polly Wants to be a Writer on the flight over here.  Found a signed copy at Chapters awhile ago. Very creative and enjoyable book! My own poetry book is coming along well with plans to self-publish by next year, and I have other book ideas brewing (or perhaps in early stages of negotiations with my own dragon), so your book is a great resource.” – Ken Priebe, Author & Animator 

“This novel is great for young aspiring writers like Polly, but also for those who just want something to read – for Polly is a great story in itself.” - Edward, Read the entire review on Amazon.com

“Ms. Thomas’ greatest accomplishment is that the lessons are seamlessly interwoven with Polly’s extraordinary story. It is a book I would recommend owning, as there is a significant amount to be gained through re-reads.” – Kasturi, Read the entire review in jaBlog!

“This brilliant fusion of adventure and guidance should be every young writers greatest weapon, in the battle to beat procrastination, writer’s block, and the search for the extra shove towards greatness.” - Nina, Read the entire review on Goodreads 

“Brilliant for young writers!” - Hannah, Age 16, Read the review on Amazon.uk

“After reading it, I was so fired up to write that I was able to finish my own first draft, or should I say, my lump of clay!” - Sapphira, age 16, Read the entire review in Teen Ink Magazine

“I just finished reading Polly, and again, it makes me so thankful to have you as a mentor, even if you’re mentoring hundreds (thousands?) of other young writers at the same time.” - Kinneret

“Not just an instruction manual, and not just a fantasy novel, this book combines two completely different genres into one wholly enjoyable read that I highly recommend for any person pursuing a writing career.” Read the entire review in Teen Ink Magazine.

“Would recommend to any younger aspiring writers interested in gaining knowledge of the world of professional writing.” Read the entire review in Teen Ink Magazine.

“Anyone who wants to write must read this book first!” Shelby’s review on Goodreads

“It helped me in my revision of my novel that I completed for NaNoWriMo, and it empowered me identify the weak scenes in my story. It guided me in fixing the little stuff too. It also helped my writing evolve, even though I’ve had the copy for such a short amount of time!” – Sylvia, age 12

“As an aspiring author, I feel it’s cleverly crafted, the story keeps you hooked while providing the best tips. It’s thrilling, funny, inspiring, relatable, expressive and effective.” - Akshta

“Each of the characters is molded meticulously and contrasts one another effectively. Thomas manages to tie literary tips and action packed-plot together.” - Lucy, age 16

“A fantastic read, full of helpful information and entertainment for the younger generation of writers. Would recommend to any teens aspiring to embrace a career in writing, or anyone just generally interested in creative storytelling.” - Katie, age 16

Polly Wants To Be A Writer is a genius tale crafted specifically for the young writers of today.” Read more on jaBlog

“I loved every word! It was such a fun, encouraging way to learn more about the writing process and business. Most of the time, I didn’t even realise I was learning, and yet I was absorbing every bit of advice like a sponge!” - Lindsay, age 16

“It’s the most original book I’ve ever read, and I’ve learned a lot about my inner literary dragon.” – Rhianna, age 14

“I wish the book went on forever.” Ella-Rose, age 10

“Best book I have ever read. I love Scrum!” - Kristen, age 10

“Any young writer would benefit from this,whether aspiring or experienced. It gives a lot of information about writing in the format of a fantasy novel. I really enjoyed how you could relate to Polly, and how fun the story and characters are!” – Journey, age 13

“I am already reading Polly Wants to be a Writer and it’s amazing! I hope I can write like that someday!” - Participant of the Junior Authors Writers Conference



Laura Michelle ThomasThis book is based on years of mentoring young writers on the art and craft of writing a publishable piece of fiction. I thought it would be fun to “show” instead of “tell” how the writing process works for professionals, from the first germ of an idea to having a short story that has a shot at being published. And, I have to add that after years of writing every manner of fiction and non-fiction for corporations of all shapes and sizes, I am absolutely tickled to finally have a major work of mine be published with my name on it! It’s long overdue. – Laura Michelle Thomas, Find Laura on Goodreads

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8 comments on “Polly Wants to Be a Writer

  1. Makayla Boisvert

    I loved the book, and if you ever write anything else, Laura, I’d love to read it! Good work on the story!

  2. eriayomi

    Please help me free my literary dragon.

  3. eriayomi

    i want to be able to write as good as laura thomas someday.

  4. Lennox Johnston-Yu

    Laura, how did you think of the idea for Polly Wants To Be A Writer?

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Lennox. I had been using the literary dragon metaphor for years, and Polly is an amalgam of the many young writers I have mentored over the years. The story developed as I wrote my first draft. I use my first draft to brainstorm. I don’t usually start with an outline, just a character or scene. The rest flows from allowing my imagination to conjure up whatever it likes.

  5. Seb

    Just ordered Polly at my school library. Can’t WAIT to get my hands on it!

  6. Truly appreciable!

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