Polly Wants to Be a Writer Workbooks

Get control of your creativity and productivity. Build your technical creative writing skills. Laura’s PDF printable writing workbooks are exclusively available in the LTC Store.


Polly Writing Workbooks by Laura Michelle Thomas

Myth: writing talent is developed by simply writing. Fact: writing talent is developed through coaching and study. That’s why I created these workbooks as practical training guides with information to study, exercises to do, plus checklists and advice to keep you on track. – Laura

Workbook 1: Write a Short Story
Six easy steps with tips and worksheets included
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Workbook 2: Write an Essay
The smart way to write non-fiction
View table of contents

Workbook 3: Write a Poem
From idea to submission
View table of contents

Workbook 4: Write a Novel
How to write and finish your novel
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Workbook 5: Get Published
Covers traditional and self-publishing
View Table of Contents
Laura is giving away 10 copies on February 1, 2016



12 comments on “Polly Wants to Be a Writer Workbooks

  1. Sierra Blue

    Are there going to be any more workbooks? What topic will they cover?

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Sierra. Yes. There will be another one in 2015 on basic steps and options for getting published.

  2. Do you sell your books as a set? I have two aspiring teen writers, one who is twenty thousand words into his novel and I see a Christmas Box set in their futures.
    Michele Carlon

  3. Andrea

    When is the fifth book coming out?
    #5 write a novel

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Andrea. I am planning to have the novel writing workbook out in time for NaNoWriMo, so hopefully by mid-October this year.

  4. What will be the Workbook #2 about?

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Akshta. It’s called Polly Wants to Be a Writer WORKBOOK #2: Write an Essay. It will take you step by step through the process of writing a formal essay for school or work. The draft is finished and has gone out for proofreading. Then it goes for art and layout. It should be available in the LTC store by the end of the month.

  5. Marze

    Ohhh…looks good :D

  6. Susan Deitrick

    I am definitely interested!
    Thank you!
    Susan Deitrick

    • Susan Deitrick

      Today is my birthday!

  7. Seb, 15

    Just bought Workbook #1 and started using the six-step process. It’s so handy! I have it open as I type to remind me to keep my dragon muzzled before the editing and proofreading stage. The exercises are fun to do and the illustrations are fantastic. Definitely something I wished I had before. Keen to get the next one!

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