Poetry Lives Here: A Fundraiser for Young Canadian Poets

by Tegwyn Hughes, Canada Blogger for jaBlog!



Poetry Lives Here - jaBlog!“Poetry isn’t just about beatniks and bongo drums, or flowers and love poems, it’s about making old ideas, feelings, and words appear new again.”

This statement, written for the Poetry Lives Here campaign, is something that young poets worldwide can identify with. Despite the stereotypes that surround poetry, self-expression is the essence of this art form. For young writers who often feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges, poetry is an invaluable outlet. The creators of Poetry Lives Here, a supplementary publication by Contemporary Verse 2 aimed to support writers from ages 15-25, agree. This team of young poets believe that the voices of their peers are invaluable to the writing scene and are looking to prove it.

Contemporary Verse 2 is a quarterly publication that was created in Winnipeg in 1975. It is nationally renowned for its acceptance of diverse poets and poetry in both English and French. Though it accepts applicants of all ages, it’s harder for young writers to earn recognition when competing against older, more experienced poets. That’s why Poetry Lives Here was created; this publication will give young poets a larger chance to have their work seen.

Contemporary Verse 2 is excited to launch this new project, but they are unable to pay for the printing, production, and editing costs that are required for this publication on their own. Using Indiegogo, an online platform for fundraising, Poetry Lives Here hopes to raise $5,000 by July 26th, and they’re already over one fifth of the way there.

The publication is also offering so-called perks to their donors. These gifts include print copies of Poetry Lives Here, writing consultations, and handcrafted medallions, depending on the amount donated. The donations are also eligible for Canadian Charitable Tax receipts for Canadian citizens who wish to help out. This means you get money back from the government for helping a great cause!

As the online campaign passionately says, “Poetry Lives Here is not just about younger writers, it is also about encouraging a new generation of readers and creating a community of people who care about language, empathy, and expression.” Though the publication has not yet been created, it is already starting to form a community. This campaign has brought together writers and supporters, young and old, who feel strongly about giving chances to young writers in Canada.

It may seem like July 26th is approaching fast, but there is still enough time for Poetry Lives Here to become a reality. The readers and writers of jaBlog! already know what it’s like to have a platform to share your work with your peers. By spreading the word through social media and by making a donation if possible, we can give this opportunity to even more young writers.

Any questions can be sent to John, the coordinator of Poetry Lives Here, at PoetryLivesHere@contemporaryverse2.ca.



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