Poem: The Tied Feet

by Melaka Jude, Age 15, Sri Lanka


The Tied feet

A little brown sparrow
Once stood alone did he
Upon metal bars of rust
With string his feet tied be

He watched one day the blue sky
And longed to free his wings
He saw two other birds fly by
A sweet song did they sing

Alone he stood in despair
With none for a friend
His feeding bowl stood idly
As he wished for life to end

His prison be too small for
His glorious wings to spread
His brittle bones stand out through skin
Though master thinks him well fed

A day ago a little boy
Fuelled with too much play
Knocked the cage running past
On green grass sparrow lay

The two birds he did see
Flying through the sky
Now came flying towards him
To the grass in which he lie

They helped him regain his feet
And stretch his glorious wings
They nipped the tying string to bits
And thus saved their king

Our sparrow now flew through the sky
To thus regain his throne
His wife and sons joined his side
He was no more alone

And by and by, the birds which once
Served him by his wing
Left their homes to fly with him
Finally…our sparrow began to sing.


Melaka says: “I spent the first 8 years of my schooling life in Papua New Guinea but now I am back in my home country. I have won 2nd place in my school poetry competition and also am a great fan of kids authors like Roald Dahl and poets like William Blake.”


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