The Plea of a Fallen Soldier (a poem)

by Sierra Ret, Age 16, Canada

Our weekly writing challenge was to write a 12-line poem (title included) on the theme of war or peace.


Plea of a Fallen Soldier jaBlog!The Plea of a Fallen Soldier 

Some day
The pools of blood in the streets will dry
These crumbling walls will be rebuilt
The fallen will finally be buried

Some day
Children will again dart among the carts and stalls
Bells will ring out from the churches
The living will throng through the city in a vibrant outpouring of life

Some day the clouds of war shall pass
And on that day, all I ask is
To be remembered



Sierra says, “Throughout my relatively short life, I’ve done a lot of traveling through Canada. I’ve walked on the beaches of both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, and driven from one end of the country to the other. I’ve come to realize I live in a land blessed with unusual prosperity and freedom. When I stood before Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa, I was reminded that such freedom and comfort is not without cost. And in light of the recent shooting on that very spot a few weeks ago, that fact has been soundly driven home. I have also experienced tragic death personally, and this poem is my attempt to express the desire of every person, both civilian and soldier, not to be forgotten.”


Sierra Ret

About Sierra Ret

Sierra Ret is an enthusiastic homeschool student with an insatiable love for reading and story telling. She divides her time between writing stories for competitions and producing nonfiction for jaBlog! and other freelance assignments. Sierra is the winner of the 2015 Polly Prize for Creative Writing.

4 comments on “The Plea of a Fallen Soldier (a poem)

  1. Luke Stevenson

    Thank you Sierra!!

  2. This is a really heartfelt poem and a beautiful personal story at the end. I really liked it, and it captured the tone of a soldier perfectly, in my mind. Great job, well done.

  3. John Stevenson

    WOW! That was really great Sierra:) You have a real gift. Thank you for sharing it with us…

  4. Bethany

    Lovely thoughtful poem Sierra! Very poignant and reflective this remembrance day. I hope people shall take a few moments after they have finished reading it to think about all those people and be thankful for the freedom they created for us. Well done!
    -Bethany :)

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