Your Best Writing is Your Most Personal Writing

by Maria Montemayor, Age 20, Canada

If I were to paraphrase the most honest piece of advice I’ve ever received about writing, it would be simply this: your best writing is your most personal writing.

That’s not to say that your journals or diaries are guaranteed best sellers, it only means that your best writing comes from your heart. It doesn’t come from a story or an article that is completely detached from you. It comes from a story or an article that means something to you, whether it happened to you personally, whether it was inspired by someone you knew, or whether it just speaks to you.

I haven’t written many pieces, but the ones I have written that have inspired others are special to me. When I was in high school, I wrote my own prayers about love, and after reciting them over the P.A. system, the attendance secretary asked me if she could photocopy the prayers for herself.

In my Writer’s Craft class, I wrote a sad story about a daughter and her Filipina mother. We had to read our stories out loud in class, and a friend wanted me to e-mail my story to her and a mutual friend of ours.¬†Later on, my mother read my story and it made her cry.

When I applied to a prestigious college at my university, a story I wrote got me into the college, even though a friend said they wouldn’t accept me because my average was only in the low 80’s. A year later, a prose piece I wrote was published by a library youth magazine and was re-published a year after that by Nelson Education.

Every prayer, prose, poem, and story I’ve ever written have meant something to me. But I’ve also been fortunate to have inspiration and support for my writing.


Maria Montemayor is a 20 year old university student from Scarborough, Ontario (Canada). She is currently double majoring in English and Political Science. Read Maria’s blog.


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