PC vs MAC: The Writer’s Debate

by Tiffany A. Smith, Age 16, United States

Artwork by Lucy Zhang


Mac vs PC jaBlog!

The computer that you write on is more like an extra limb than anything, but choosing the one that suits you is an important decision all writers must make. From what I can see, most professional writers and media makers use Macs. I asked Laura about this and she said, “I love them both for a hundred reasons. . . but I find the Mac runs with fewer issues and glitches which saves me time and money.” Why then do artists prefer a Mac over a PC? Well, Macs are an artist’s device and tool.

However, I have never owned a Mac or even touched one, except in the display area at Best Buy. I have grown up on Windows and I’m content for now. However, when I go away to college in a few years I’d like to invest in a better laptop. Here are a few pros and cons to help us make up our minds.

PC Pros

1) You can customize your PC right from scratch.

2) There is more software available for a PC.

3) Windows is easy to find your way around even though it is sometimes known to be complex.

4) High prices always seem to be a turnoff for everybody. This is why the PC is the primary computer of American households. It is affordable.

5) Compatibility convenience. There could be a convenience in using the same thing the majority of the world uses.

6) The variety. They come in all sizes, colours, looks, and prices.

PC Cons

1) You usually have to replace your PC every 3-5 years. If you’re an unlucky chum like me, it may be less than that.

2) You’re more likely to contract a virus since PCs are a larger target than Macs.

3) Customer service is less superior to Apple’s.

4) Once you begin loading up programs and tracking cookies start hitching a ride, you may find yourself with a slow computer.

Mac Pros

1) They look nicer and are more structurally built than PCs.

2) They are consistently consistent when they upgrade unlike Windows which is all over the place.

3) iCloud. People love it!

4) Macs are simpler overall.

5) Additionally, if you’re worried about not being able to use Microsoft software such as Microsoft Office on a Mac, have no worries! It runs like a charm, just with less bling.

Mac Cons

1) Going from PC to Mac is a big change. Macs have always been the “different ones.”

2) The disadvantage of the flash hard drive being connected to the motherboard is that if your motherboard ceases to live you will lose all your data.

3) MacBooks are expensive. Even the cheapest MacBook Air 11-inch runs around nearly $900 USD. Still, people say that they hold their value.

My Final Thoughts

If you can save up the money and afford to buy a MacBook Air, do it. You can get it in two different sizes, the 11-inch and 13-inch. The MacBook Air is trendy, speedy, and overall a great computer to do your writing on. With the MacBook Air you can have a cool backlit keyboard, which I think is a cool feature. Also, you’re less likely to have glitches and other problems which may cause you to randomly cry out in insanity.

However, if you don’t have the money, buying a PC will work fine too. I use one myself and although I would prefer a MacBook Air, I am fairly happy with my Windows laptop.


Tiffany A. Smith is a 16 year old writer from the USA. She is intent on making her dreams come true by working hard and keeping a free spirit. You can view her blog here.


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