October Drama Prompt: Kidnapped

by Madelaine Formica, Age 18, US

The drama prompt for October was “mystery.”



​AMES KELBERT and DONALD COX drive up to CLINT’S house. Both get out and walk up to the door. DONALD glances at a car down the street. AMES knocks.

​CLINT: From within. I’m coming!

Sound of CLINT unlocking six locks. Opens door. AMES pulls a pillow case out from inside his coat and throws it over CLINT’S head. AMES then ties CLINT’S hands together.

CLINT: What the–I’m going to kill you two when I get out! Struggles as AMES throws CLINT over his shoulder.

DONALD throws CLINT in the back seat of their car. AMES takes drivers sear, DONALD shotgun. They drive away from house.

CLINT: What’s going on?

AMES: Come one, Clint. You like mysteries. Guess.

CLINT: I’m going to die.

DONALD: Close.

CLINT: No, it can’t be.

AMES: I think he’s guessed.

CLINT: Get me out of this car. I don’t want anything to do with this.

DONALD: Now, what kind of attitude is that after what we just did for you?

CLINT: You kidnapped me!

AMES: We saved you from a boring day. You’re welcome.

CLINT: I hate you two.

AMES: Missed you too, buddy.

AMES pulls the car over in front of an abandoned warehouse. DONALD takes CLINT out from the back seat and carries him into the building. DONALD puts CLINT down in the middle of the room and pulls the pillowcase off of his head and unties his hands. CLINT looks around, his eyes landing on a safe in the middle of the room.

CLINT: I told you I’d never open it when I left the team.

DONALD: It was Jack’s. He wanted you to open it when he died.

CLINT: I don’t care. I don’t want whatever’s inside. Get another safecracker to do it.

AMES: Jack wouldn’t want someone else to do it. He wanted us alone to know what’s inside.

CLINT: Then get another guy to open it. Then kill the guy.

DONALD: Open it, Clint!

DONALD draws a gun and points it at CLINT’S head. CLINT and DONALD glare at each other.

CLINT: Fine. But I won’t be happy about it.

AMES hands CLINT a stethoscope. CLINT goes over to the safe and sits. Using the stethoscope, CLINT opens the safe.

CLINT: ​You got to be kidding.

DONALD: What is it?

Standing up, CLINT holds out a note. In big letters is written, “I’m still alive.”

AMES: I’m going to kill him!


Madelaine Formica has been published in Realms Magazine for her short story “Revenge.” Her script “Duelling Characters” was also published on jaBlog!


One comment on “October Drama Prompt: Kidnapped

  1. Eliot

    This is the best story ever written. I read it every night and day. Sometimes I dream about this story. Madelaine you are the best writer :)

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