November Fiction: Through Dancing Eyes (a poem)

by Rida Rangoonwala, Age 17, Texas

Artwork by Lucy Zhang 

The prompt for November fiction was “fuzzy.”


Through Dancing Eyes 

Through Dancing Eyes jaBlog!

Standing outside,
Eyes alight with joy,
Two girls shriek, spinning
Around and around,
The earth a kaleidoscope
Of patches of mud and plants.

Blades of grass pressed in their tiny fists,
They revolve faster, then faster,
Grass dancing away
In a haze of fuzzy green,
Some whipping their cheeks
As they laugh and laugh

And finally end up sprawled
On the bed of prickly grass.
The world spins in their mind.
The grass seems a fuzzy
Green carpet that sways
Side to side.

The two girls stumble up,
Eyes straining to focus,
Through the blur of melted hues,
Fuzzy and loud and joyful;
And they trip home seeing
The world through dancing eyes


Rida says, “I love writing because it lets me find my voice.”


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