November Fiction: Red Moon (a poem)

by Jane Liu, Age 16, USA

The fiction prompt for November was to include the line: “She watched with fear and anticipation running through her veins.”


Red Moon

Watched the sun
Rise with fear
And anticipation running through her veins
Drunk on the beauty, intoxicated
On the hate, why should the earth still
Turn and dance through the wandering
Stars when her little slice of the
World was crumbling
All around, turrets tumbling and
Battlemounts bellowing loose, stones screeching, flags
Darkened with ash,
The land crusted with blood and
Salt, tears and sweat,
All as a red moon sank and the heavens glowed gold.


Jane says: “Though I enjoy writing humorous stories and poems, I am currently working on a YA novel with darker themes.”


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