November Drama: Remember?

by Sylvia Nica, Age 14, US

The November drama prompt was “gratitude.”



Siblings SOPHIA and TREVOR are sitting by a street curb, watching as cars whiz by.

TREVOR: So I guess this is the end of you and your and shenanigans.

SOPHIE: Yeah, I guess it is. Doesn’t mean anything will change between us.

TREVOR: Laughs. I’ll still be the damsel in distress, and you’ll still be the heroine with flowing gold locks waiting to save me.

SOPHIE: I won’t be able to save you when I’m at the university.

TREVOR: Come on, Sophie! Don’t worry, college life will be fun. You’ll get to party and have fun and do all sorts of crazy things Mom would never let you do. Knowing you, you might even get a degree or two.

SOPHIE: Thanks, Trev, but who will protect you from the bullies? Who will walk home with you and help you study at night? You’re still so small. You’re still such a wimpy little thing.

TREVOR: Aw, is that what you’re worried about? I’ll be fine. I’m taller than you, anyhow. And Mom will help me study.

SOPHIE: So you don’t care about me leaving?

TREVOR: Moves over and smothers SOPHIE in a hug. No, Soph! I’m still extremely grateful. Remember? You saved my skinny little butt when Josh and the others picked on me. Remember?

SOPHIE: And when you got stuck in the neighbor’s tree, and I had to help you down.

TREVOR: I’d forgotten about that.

SOPHIE: And when you didn’t know how to use the mixer and accidentally sprayed chocolate batter all over the walls, and I had to help you before Mom came home.


SOPHIE: And when you had a panic attack because you didn’t know the terms for you math test, and I stayed up till one to help you.

TREVOR: Okay, okay, I get it! But, you see, I am grateful.

SOPHIE and TREVOR are silent as they watch the cars, both thinking.

TREVOR: Looking at Sophie. I’m gonna miss you, sis.

SOPHIE: I’m going to miss you too.

Both stand up, holding hands, and exit stage.


Sylvia is a young writer who enjoys fall and everything about it. She has recently started a blog at


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