Music: A Secret to Easier and Better Writing

by Matthew Carpenter, Age 16, USA


musicAs a writer who finds great pleasure in constructing journal entries and short stories, I often struggle with getting started and maintaining my enthusiasm until finishing. I crave something pleasant-sounding that will bring my vacationing writing energies to work.

One night last fall, I let my CD player delight me with the sounds of Mozart as I started to begin a piece of writing. Upon sitting down and pulling out the proper writing tools, everything spilled out. I discovered one of the secrets to easier and better writing: music!

Writing and listening to music at the same time is so helpful. Music gets me to immediately begin writing when I sit down with a pencil and paper. Often I struggle to simply get started because my brain feels empty and my emotions are stoic. Music gets me excited or contemplative enough to begin forming a new short story, journal entry, or chapter in a book.

Music also inspires creativity. The tunes travel through my ear and into my mind, giving me ideas on what to write about next and how to express the story content. Vivid settings, relatable characters, exhilarating action, and unique solutions come so much easier when melodies are surrounding me. The most important effect, however, is on the tone: the song will definitely affect whether my writing is jubilant, dark, revealing, or mysterious.

Music helps me finish strongly. If a climax is being resolved or a key scene is coming to a close, I usually want to play something enlivening and stimulating. It gives the story more imaginative flare where it’s needed. Not only has music helped me to make the particular incident more exciting to read; it also has made the writing more understandable.

In summary, a beneficial boost to launching a new writing project—or writing a significant crisis within a book—is to have stimulating sounds nearby. Rain pattering on the roof is fine. An ominous storm is great. A rushing river is magnificent. A splashing waterfall is ideal. But if you’re away from nature (and you probably will be), find some inspirational or bubbly music and turn it on.

Not sure what to listen to? Here is a playlist of my favourites. May your thinking and writing style be enlightened!


Matthew Carpenter is a 16 year old writer from Atlanta, Georgia. He constructs journal entries, short stories, and the Rivapian Adventure Trilogy. His purpose is to “find lasting satisfaction in [himself] by turning aspirations into reality.”


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