May Fiction: Blood Bound Book (a poem)

by Veronica Hester, Age 11, Australia

Artwork by Katie King

Our May fiction prompt was: “the most valuable book in the world.” Visit our submission guidelines to view the current prompt.


Blood Bound Book 

Blood Bound Book - jaBlog!How does it feel
To lift the cover
Simple yet honoured
In foreign lands?

How does it feel
To hear the voices
Of the forgotten
Crying from rough words?

How does it feel
to turn the crinkled pages,
Uncover secrets and revelations,
Knowing people will spill blood
To know the truth embedded
In your heart?

How does it feel
To hold
The most valuable book
In the world?


Veronica is an 11 year old writer from Australia who loves animals, all things nature, gaming, singing, and music that takes us on journeys.


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