May Fiction: A Book Full of Life (a poem)

by Rida Rangoonwala, Age 16, USA

Artwork by Katie King

This poem is based on our May prompt of the month: “the most valuable book in the world.”

A Book Full of Life

Book Full of Life - jaBlog!Life is full of both sugar and lemons;
Its book is strangely bittersweet;
Its spine is gilded with pure solid gold;
A tale of great victory or rueful defeat.

We open its wood-whittled pages,
Sprinkled with glittering silver dust.
And live out time till the end of our book,
With hearts full of innocence; souls filled with trust.

Each page brings with it more action;
Each chapter weaves out a deeper plot,
As we plunge into the world, our conscience wisely stirring;
In our greatest trials, we forget it not.

For the colours we see in these chapters and pages
May not be what our hearts desire.
So it’s up to us––to hold fast or give up,
And of choosing what’s right, never tire.

What characters we have the fortune to meet!
Some heroes, some villains, some “friends and family.”
Some hurt us with cruelty while others are kind.
What strange doubts and hopes we try to bury!

We write our own books, record our own acts,
Recall our own hopes, preserve our own dreams;
Blend fun and adventure, mystery and love,
In the story of our life; the most valuable book, it may seem.

So it’s up to us to print out these books,
With the sharpest, most radiant pen we come upon;
To experience and fail and try and achieve,
So that our book, at its close, may a sweeter cover don.


Rida writes, “I love writing short stories and poems and hope to be an author some day!”


One comment on “May Fiction: A Book Full of Life (a poem)

  1. Sana

    I enjoyed this piece! Thank you for writing it. I can’t wait to read more.

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