May Drama Prompt: Duelling Characters

by Madelaine Formica, Age 17, US

The drama prompt for May was author v. author and the setting had to be the London Book Fair.


May Drama Duelling Authors jaBlog!DUELLING CHARACTERS

In the monstrous showroom floor at the London Book Fair is a maze of multi-coloured stands. In the far back corner is a black stand where two writers are arguing.

FRANKLIN: How can you think your character is better than mine?! Jim is a pirate whose defeated kings, soldiers, and monsters of all stature! (Shouts, waving hands wildly)

DONALY: So what? My character is a spy who could kill your pirate a mile away with his eyes closed! And what kind of name is Jim anyways? (Snorts)

FRANKLIN: It’s a name feared by all. Besides you shouldn’t talk. Grum. Really?!

DONALY: It was my grandfather’s name. But at least Grum has a girlfriend who’s still alive, unlike Jim whose wife died in the last book.

FRANKLIN: Fair point, but Grum’s girlfriend is cheating on him and planning on killing him.

DONALY: Touché.

Both writers pause.

DONALY: So, see you later for lunch?

FRANKLIN: See you then.


Madelaine Formica is a 17-year-old writer from the USA. She has a silver key in scholastic and is going to be published in Realms Magazine this May.


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