March Fiction: Suns Only Know How to Scorch You (a poem)

by Sanya Chawla, Age 16, India

The fiction prompt of the month for March was “butterflies.”


Suns Only Know How to Scorch You
A butterfly was he, painted the most enchanting shades
of golden and black that she had ever seen.
And she but a mere sunflower,
naively wishing to be intertwined with the sun.
However, yellow and golden seldom match–
similar from afar, up close they clash.
He snatched her soul, sucked out her essence,
she let him steal her away from herself.
Expected him to love her like she loved him,
Yet he whisked her world away with a beat of his wings.
She made him her sun, to whom she was no more,
than a mere sunflower in a blooming meadow.


Sanya writes: “Too many fleeting thoughts race across my mind for me to capture them on paper. Maybe someday the world will slow down enough, for me and my dreams to catch up.”


2 comments on “March Fiction: Suns Only Know How to Scorch You (a poem)

  1. Hiya

    This is beautiful, Sanya!

    • Sanya

      Thank you!

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