March Fiction: Pot of Gold (a poem)

by Amanda Yu Kai-Xin, Age 13, Singapore

Artwork by Katie King


Pot Of Gold“Look for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” 

We ran and ran, searching for it.
An hour flew past; there was nothing to it.
We did this for a year or so,
But after that, it began to slow.
We grew apart, you and I,
No longer chasing birds, no longer trying to fly.

Sometimes, I still look for the end of the rainbow,
But not for the gold—of course not for the gold!—
But the happiness we used to hold.


Amanda says, “I REALLY love writing. Sadly, there is one flaw to my writing: my inspiration only stays for a day. If I do not complete the story within a day, the idea, everything I thought of is gone.”



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