March Fiction: Kyle is Perfect (short story)

by Urvi Talaty, Age 17, India

Artwork by Lucy Zhang

This piece was written for the March fiction prompt: green. We like how Urvi uses the prompt “green” figuratively as “to be green with envy.”


Kyle is Perfect 

Kyle is Perfect jaBlogKyle is perfect. He has everything––the looks, the money, the friends, the scholarship. I have nothing. I watch him everyday, as he moves around the school, in his perfect, unpoppable bubble. I am jealous. Some of the days are fine, I get by, but the other days, all I can do is wait out the waves of jealousy crashing over me, as I keep from crying out in rage and frustration.

Today is one of the better days.  I look at him talking to Jen, at the popular crowd’s table, while I stand in the lunch line.  He laughs, then gets up, walks towards me. He crashes into me. I curse.  He apologizes.  He walks away.  I follow him. I can’t help it.  I have never been this jealous of anyone before.

He walks into an empty hallway.  I hide in a corner and watch.  He’s on the phone.  I can’t make out the words at first.  But then his voice rises.  He’s shouting, “I don’t care! Why do you have to get a divorce? Why can’t you sort out your problems like sane people?”

He flips the phone off.  He punches the wall.  He cries. This comes as a shock to me. His life isn’t as perfect as I thought. I thank God, that even though I am not very rich or smart or good-looking, I at least have the love of both my parents, together.  I realize that I have no reason to be jealous.  I, Jamie, am perfect, the way I am.


Urvi writes, “I am the kind of writer who writes from her heart, but edits with her mind.


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