March Drama Prompt: Upturned Faces

by Victoria Girkins, Age 17, USA

Artwork by Katie King

The March drama prompt was to write a blank scene with two characters talking about the weather without mentioning the weather.


Upturned Faces jaBlog!ONE: Perhaps it will be today.

TWO: You still hope? Look up. You will find no good omen.

ONE: I look in expectation, not in despair. I wonder why you have lost your hope. Our crops live yet.

TWO: Our land is cracked. Our lips are cracked. Soon the crops will perish as well.

ONE: Yet our hope lies inside us.

TWO: There you are wrong. It has been drained from within us, drained by thirsty and flightless prayers.

ONE: Strange. I find my courage replenished by the very prayers which sap yours.

TWO: Look up, I say. Our only food shall be burned to death. This is no answer to hungry pleas.

ONE: Perhaps it is. It seems we keep our heads down to look upon the full plate, only turning upward when we find them empty.

TWO: Soon we will not have the strength even to lift our heads.

ONE: May we perish, then, looking with gratitude upon the earth which has, until now, been supplied from above with our daily bread.

TWO: So this is indeed our fate? To perish of hunger? You only just said yourself you still had hope.

ONE: I have more hope for our crops than for our hearts. Have we ever looked up except in great need? Have you ever turned away from a plentiful harvest, even for a moment of gratitude?

TWO: Ah. We will starve for lack of thankfulness. This is what you mean to say.

ONE: I claim no words from your mouth.

TWO: And yet you agree with them. I see it in your eyes.

ONE: Perhaps. Or perhaps we are being brought to the edge of this precipice only so we may see for ourselves the doom from which we have thus far been rescued.

TWO: And therein lays your hope?

ONE: Therein lays my hope. I see you find it unreasonable.

TWO: On the contrary, I begin to see the reason behind it. Our perceptions, maybe, cannot change our fate, but they are the light with which we view it. I find what you say shines a warm sort of light upon what we all now face.


ONE: Look up.

TWO: I see it, too.

ONE: There is only one, and it is small, but still, how dark it looks! Did you know it was coming? Did you see it?

TWO: I did not know. I only hoped. Though, you are right. It is rather small.

ONE: And yet perhaps…perhaps it will be today.


Victoria says, “I started seriously writing when I was around 13, and I am currently writing a historical fiction novel.”


2 comments on “March Drama Prompt: Upturned Faces

  1. Sana

    I loved this piece! I would’ve never thought of crops and the impact the weather would have on people who depend on them. This was a unique idea and I feel like the execution was flawless. Great job!

    • Victoria

      Thank you so much, Sana! I am glad you enjoyed it.

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